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 SCADA / Data Acquisition
With one simple user interface, all the data you need is available at your finger tips. You can control and view statistic of the production for every individual machine in your plant or every machine in all your plants nationwide.
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Gap Injection and Lining
Along with strategic partners Amiko has developed state of the art lining and gap injection system that can save you both time and money. Our proprietary technology will allow you to extend the life of your new and existing infrastructure.
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Lift & Pumping Stations
Amiko provides installation, building and programming of control systems and commissioning services. Through our team of experts we can help you with all aspects of your water management system needs.


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Let us help you avoid disaster by keeping your equipment up to par with today's Safety Regulations. Whether it’s through regular maintenance and service or through our 24 hour emergency response; Amiko Control is focused on its customers and understands the significance of downtime to your business.
Amiko control and consulting is a leader in the control and automation industry in Atlantic Canada.

Whether it’s designing, testing or manufacturing of custom components or troubleshooting and improving the efficiency of your existing equipment; Amiko Control’s Mechanical and Electrical engineers and technicians provide a wide array of services to the manufacturing industry. Amiko Controls and Consulting is centrally located in Moncton, NB to provide a faster and more efficient service to your customer base.

Latest projects

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Automated Punching Machine
Amiko Control developed for its client a custom designed Automated Punching Machine. This machine was developed in order to affix an aluminum top sheet to lower plywood pieces.

The plywood and aluminum sheet are positioned on the clamping table by the operator. Once the pieces are clamped in position, the operator can start the punching cycle from the main operator panel. The punch head will then move across the clamping table while punching down through the aluminum sheet, into the plywood pieces below. The punch head’s cutting knives crimp the aluminum sheet onto the plywood pieces, holding it in place.

The Punching Machine is divided into two sections called Table A and Table B. Table A can be loaded with material and clamped in position while Table B is performing a punch cycle. When Table B has finished punching, the punch head assembly will proceed to Table A and begin a punch cycle on Table A. While Table A is performing its punch cycle the operator can unload the finished part from Table B, then reload and re-clamp Table B for the next cycle.
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Sheet Metal and Injection Molding equipment
This retrofit removed the existing timer/relay control and replaced it with a PLC and HMI to automate the whole process. The PLC also automated the control of the feeder and the uncoiler.

Sensors were added around the cutting die to detect jam-ups and prevent damage to the die.

The HMI added error detection, trouble shooting, and process information where none was available before.

The new installation was wired in accordance with CSA and OSHA regulations.
Our customers
Amiko prides itself in providing a customized service. We assess your needs with you and develop solutions accordingly. From retrofits to process improvement and from customized end user products to prototypes we have taken great pride in provides expertise to the following industries:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Metal Manufacturing
  • Plastics Manufacturing
  • Refrigeration
  • Water & Waste water treatment
  • Wood Industries
  • Construction Sector
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
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